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Taylor Yarkosky is a job creator, Constitutional conservative, and proven leader.  He learned the values of hard work, discipline, and integrity at an early age.  The oldest of nine children, Taylor was raised in a middle-class family from a small Iowa farm town. 


After graduating from the University of Iowa, Taylor moved to Florida in 1999.  He has lived, built multiple businesses, and raised his family in Lake County since 2004.  An entrepreneur who started his first business with a loan, Taylor has employed hundreds of people across central Florida, including over 70 now.  His firms have completed tens of thousands of complex projects. 


Taylor deeply understands the impact of bold, conservative, and pragmatic leadership on the people of Florida and Lake County.  Thanks to the help of President Trump's PPP loan program, Taylor was able to keep all of his employees at full payroll throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  His business is now growing due in no small part to Governor DeSantis's commitment to protecting Floridians' right to work and earn a living. 


Taylor is an NRA member and licensed firearms instructor in handgun and rifle and is a certified range safety officer. He maintains active armed security officer licenses. Taylor also provides training and guidance to law enforcement and private security firms that protect everything from government buildings to condo and homeowners association communities.


Taylor lives in Montverde with his wife, Courtney, and their five children.  Taylor attends Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, and his family is active in the local Christian community.  They support philanthropic efforts across the state, especially local organizations such as the Clermont Cancer Foundation. 

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